‘We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers; we have borrowed it from our children” Margret Thatcher’s words highlight the theme of the lesson “The Ailing Planet: The Green Movements’ Role, You feel very concerned about this earth which is being destroyed gradually. Write an article in about 100words on ‘Save the Planet Earth.”

Dear Student,

These questions are given to judge you on awareness about your surroundings and also how you can express yourself clearly. Here are some points which you can expand using your own words:

1.Do not cut down trees, plant trees instead.
2. Avoid using cars during the weekends. You can avoid polluting the air and it also helps you get some exercise.
3.Avoid using plastics. Re-usable shopping bags are a better option.
4.You can save energy by turning off the lights, unplugging the appliances when not in use, turning down the heat of the water heater.
5.Wise usage of water can save this valuable resource. Try drinking regular water instead of packaged drinking water and washing clothes once a week saves water.

Hope this information will clear your doubts about writing an article on 'Save the planet Earth'. Kindly refer to our website for the latest and appropriate format.

If you have any more doubts just ask here on the forum and our experts will try to help you out as soon as possible.


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