We have to decide which of the following two circus acts will be allowed to perform on the
trampoline. The trampoline can only hold 200 000 N/m2

Circus act 1A lady with a mass of 60 kg, wears high heels. The area of one of the heels is

. Calculate pressure .

Circus act 2:
An elephant has a mass of 4000kg. The area of one of the elephants’ feet is 0.1m2

. Calculate

the pressure
a. If the lady only stands on one leg, what is her pressure on the trampoline?
b. If the elephant does a trick where he stands on only one foot, what will his pressure be?
c. One of the elephants’ tricks is to sit on a chair. The circus director wants to make sure
the chair can hold the necessary pressure. If the diameter of the elephants bum is 0.8m,

Dear student,
here, both pressure is greater than allowable pressure.

for remaining qustion ask in next thread. 
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