We need a new system for the age of ecology – a system which is embedded in the care of all people and also in the care of the Earth and all life upon it. Discuss.

A new system, embedded in the care not only of all people but also of the Earth and life upon it, is required to preserve and sustain Nature’s balance at both national and international levels. Formulating rules for the preservation of endangered species or assigning funds for conservation of wild life or imposing ban on hunting and poaching is not enough. People need to be made aware of the repercussions of exploiting nature and its creatures through various awareness campaigns held at schools, colleges and important public gatherings using the media of street-plays, television, films and documentaries etc. People must be made to understand that every creature has a prominent role in the ecological cycle and no one has right to kill other life forms or destroy their habitats. Restoration of Nature’s balance as well as a proper system of sustainable development, therefore, has to be followed without fail or intermittent lapses. All the reasons for ecological imbalance like deforestation, rapid industrialization, soil erosion, etc. need to be addressed before global warming and other climatic hazard or natural calamity takes its toll.

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