weather forecasting plastic balloon of volume 15 metre cube contain hydrogen of density is 0.09 kg per metre cube the volume of an equipment carried by the balloon is negligible compared to its own value the mass of empty balloon alone is 7.15 kg the balloon is floating in air of density 1.3 kg per metre cube calculate 1) the mass of a hydrogen in the balloon 2) the mass of hydrogen and balloon 3) the total mass of hydrogen balloon and equipment if the mass of equipment is X kg 4) the mass of air displaced by balloon and 5) the mass of equipment using the law of floatation

Dear student(i) weight of H2=density × volume =0.09×15=1.35(ii) mass of H2+ballon=1.35+7.15=8.5kg(iii)mass of H2+balloon+equippment=8.5+x(iv) upthrust by air=Vρairg=15×1.3×10=195 Nmass of air displaced=19.5 kg(v)upthrust by air=Vρairg=15×1.3×10=195 Nweight of H2+balloon+equippment=8.5+xg=195x=11 kg

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