Well, poor bird-she should have known That your song must be your own. That’s why I sing with panache: “Koo-oh-ah! Ko-ash!ko-ash!

a)    Why does the frog call the Nightingale a ‘poor bird’?

b)   Explain the literary device used in the first two lines?

c)    What nature does the frog depict in the above mentioned lines?


Dear student,
  • The frog calls the nightingale a poor bird because she burst her vein while practicing and died. She did not have the courage to take a stand for herself.
  • The literary devices used are alliteration and onomatopoeia. she should; Koo-oh-ah! Ko-ash!ko-ash!
  • The frog comes across a cunning and shrewd character. He was not sorry for making the bird practice in such harsh conditions and blamed her for being brainless and losing her life.

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