wer shud we write ariter's name in an article

The writer's  name comes just under the heading of the article.

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In a bracket... after the title
Pen is mightier than the sword
( By- Nandini Sabharwal )
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but in the tutorial video,there is no brackets
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But today was my paper...
before it i asked my teacher... she said as i told you
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if u wish u could omit the bracket
but ask your teacher before...
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brackets are not neccessary! in Article writing

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Beggars are great nuissance
​                            - Rishabh Mann 

We have to write name " XYZ" if name is not mentioned, if name is mentioned in given question then write it exactly below starting alphabet of last word..

like I have written Rishabh under "n" of nuisance.

Also, I have not seen in any articles with brackets given. If doubt, check CBSE sample paper!

Hope provided information works for you well!

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I consulted BBC... nd it was written like that only...😮😮
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thanx for those answr guys
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thanx for those answers guys
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