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 what advantages and disadvantages of mobile


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मित्र हम आपको एक लिंक दे रहे हैं। आशा करते हैं, यह आपकी सहायता करेगा-

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Padma Priya , added an answer, on 16/6/12
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  • You can carry a mobile phone with you so you don't miss important calls
  • If you are lost, you can call for directions.
  • If you are in an accident, you can call the police or ambulance - and if the phone has a camera, you can take pictures of the accident.
  • You can listen to music, text, play games when you're bored.
  • Most mobile phones have a calculator and a phone book.
  • You can use a mobile phone to call your customers or boss if you are running late to a meeting.
  • You can surf Internet & Connect with the whole world by Mobile.
  • You can chat & video conference.
  • Keep in touch with friends and family
  • Good for emergencies
  • Employees can keep in touch at all times.
  • Customers can contact staff 24/7
  • Phones have internet connection
  • More work available
  • They have cameras
  • You can check your emails
  • Can be used worldwide
  • It can fit in your pocket.


  • Mobile phones can be expensive
  • They can damage your ear
  • Sometimes the reception is poor in some areas, limiting your connectivity (you can't talk underground or on planes).
  • People use the phone while they are driving, and this can cause problems.
  • They can limit your face to face time with friends and family
  • They can get you in trouble at school
  • Can be expensive
  • Can be hard to find the right package
  • Can ruin the connection to the computer.
  • Staff can abuse their phones if they have internet connection
  • Can be hard for older people to use.
  • Because of their smaller size, they can be easy to lose.
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Padma Priya , added an answer, on 16/6/12
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translate it to hindi

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Vyshnav Veenus , added an answer, on 11/2/14
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  • Mobile phones should be primarily used to stay in touch with our near and dear ones, for example parents.
  • In case of emergencies, mobile phones are very helpful. You can get the help required by calling up your parents, friends relatives etc.
  • It is the easiest way of transferring information from one person to another, because it has features such as instant messaging, texting etc.
  • However, mobile phones are being blamed for a number of road accidents, because people talk on the phone oblivious of oncoming traffic leading to disastrous consequences.
  • Mobile phones emit radiation which is harmful for the body. Excessive exposure to such radiation (prolonged use of mobile phones) can even cause diseases like cancer or tumor.
  • Microwaves emitted by mobile phones are harmful for the environment.
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Siddhart Mathur , added an answer, on 5/3/13

there are an infinite number of advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones and some of them are as follows

1.the addiction of mobile phones may lead to weak eyesight

2.it may help you in gaining knowlwdge

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