What are agents?

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Wait i will tell you....
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An agent is the thing that acts or have the power to act.
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in what terms
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question not clear
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Agent (law), a person authorized to act on behalf of another to create a legal relationship with a third party
  • Agent of record, representing an insured party in the purchase and maintenance of insurance coverage
  • Election agent, party responsible for the conduct of a political campaign (UK)
  • Free agent, sports player whose contract with a team has expired
  • Press agent, or publicist
  • Talent agent or booking agent, finds jobs for actors, musicians, etc. in entertainment businesses
    • Art agent, representing artists
    • Literary agent, representing writers to publishers and theatrical and film producers
    • Sports agent, negotiates employment and endorsement deals for a player or coach
  • Foreign agent, represents the interests of foreign powers
  • Political Agent (Political Resident), an official diplomatic position in British Empire
  • Patent agent or patent attorney, represents clients in obtaining patents
  • Real estate agent or real estate broker, an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate
  • Registered agent, in the US, receives service of process for a party in a legal action
  • Travel agent, works on behalf of a travel agency
  • Tuition agent, introduces tutors to students (see tuition agency)
  • Yacht agent or yacht broker, acts as a representative for the sale of a yacht or boat
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Dont know
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There are different kinds of agent which one do you mean
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Someone who transfer something
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Question not clear
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A person who acts in behalf of another.
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