What are Bt crops? Explain in brief about how they are produced with a suitable example.​

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Bt crops are the genetically engineered crops which are makes use of the bacteria- Bacillus thuringiensis. The toxin produced by this bacteria helps in protecting the plant against various insects. It is employed in the following way:

Some strains of the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis produce proteins called Bt toxins which kill the larvae of some insects. This Bt toxin gene is isolated and cloned in bacteria. These genes are then introduced into crop plants which could be expressed in plants to provide resistance to the insects, that is, they function as biopesticides; so there is no need for insecticides. Bt toxins are insect group specific and coded by cry genes; the proteins encoded by genes cry IAc and cry IIAb control cotton bollworms while cry IAb controls corn borer.  
The crop thus produced is known as Bt crop.

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BT crops means the crop in which bacillus thuringenesis gene will be implanted to make it disease free , and also its used to controll the crops from the cotton bollworm disease 



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