What are catecholamine, glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids?

Catecholamines, Glucocorticoids  and Mineralocorticoids are the classes of hormones released from adrenal gland, present on the anterior region of kidneys. Adrenal gland has two parts: Adrenal medulla and adrenal cortex.
Catecholamines are a class of hormones released from adrenal medulla. These are also called emergency hormones or 'Flight or Fight hormones' because they deal with short term response to stress. They increase alertness, heart beat and respiration rate. These are of two types:Epinephrine or adrenalin  and norepinephrine or noradrenalin
Glucocorticoids  and mineralocorticoids, both classes of hormones are released from adrenal cortex. Both of them produce long term effects.
Glucocorticoids are involved in carbohydrate metabolism. They act on all tissues.Example – Cortisol
Mineralocorticoids regulate the balance of water and electrolytes in our body.They act on renal tubule. Example − Aldosterone

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Glucocorticoid - example :Coritsol (most Abundant- helps reuglate chronic stress and ATP production, its stimulated by the ACTH which is released by the anterior pituatary gland) Mineralocorticoid - example : Aldosterone (Regulates sodium concentrations) Catecholamine -example : Epinephrine (adrenaline, release during acute stress, fight or flight reaction.

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