what are coacervates?list characterisitc of coacervates.

Coacervates are spherical droplets surrounded by tight skin of water molecule. They posses ability of adsorption & undergo chemical reactions by gaining energy from lightening /u-v radiation to form large sized organic compounds. These organic compounds become the possible precursors of cells.
Properties of 
(1) They have a microenvironment like cell.
(2) Coacervates are generally made up of polypeptide and sugars.
(3) They have the ability to take the organic molecule inside.
(4) Amino acids forms the coacervates easily which is a main component of the cell.
(5) Coacervates are not very stable structure and can be disturbed by any natural force.
(6) They do not replicate and hence lack the inheritance property.

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A coacervate is a tiny spherical droplet of assorted organic molecules (specifically,lipid molecules) which is held together by hydrophobic forces from a surrounding liquid..

Characteristics of coacervates are

  1. possess osmotic properties
  3. form spontaneously from certain dilute organic solutions.
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