What are conditions of goof fuel

Dear Student,
The condition of good fuel are as follows:
 (i)  It will have high calorific value
      (ii) It will produce less smoke
      (iii) It will left less residue left after burning
      (iv) It will be easily available
      (v) It will be not expensive
      (vi) It will be easily to store and transport

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A fuel is considered good if it: has a low ignition temperature.

produces a large quantity of heat, that is, its calorific value is high,

has a moderate rate of combustion,

is safe to store, handle and transport, does not cause pollution,

leaves behind little or no residue after being


is cheap and easily available. Natural gas best meets all these conditions.
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Dear Student

The characteristics of a good fuel are given below :

1. They have high calorific value .
2. They are easy to handle and easy to transport .
3. They do not cause pollution , I.e ., they don't leave residue or release any harmful gases .
4. They are non- explosive..
5. They have moderate ignition temperature.
6. They are cheap and readily available .
7. They are easy to store .

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