what are dermal tissues are they epidermal tissues............?

The dermal tissue system is the outermost tissue that protects the soft tissues of plants and controls interactions of the plant with its surroundings. Dermal tissue covers the outside of the plant, except in woody shrubs and trees, which have bark. Epidermis is a part of this dermal tissue system and most common cell type in this system. 

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The protective outer layer of the plant.

Everything needs skin, or at least some sort of a covering, for plants, it's a system of dermal tissue. Which covers the outside of a plant and it protects the plant in a variety of ways.

Dermal tissue called epidermis is made up of live parenchyma cells in the non-woody parts of plants. Epidermal cells can secrete a wax-coated substance on leaves and stems, which becomes the cuticle.

Dermal tissue that is made up of dead parenchyma cells is what makes up the outer bark in woody plants.

The dermal tissue system is one of three tissue systems, the other two being vascular and ground tissue systems.

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The dermal system forms the outer protective covering of the plant and is represented, in the primary plant body, by epidermis. I hope that in your mind a question arises that is "What the epidermis means"?

That is:

The epidermis usually consists of a single layer of cells which cover the whol outer surface of the plant body. This word is derived from two words of Greek origin, epi that means upon, and derma that means skin.

Mostly the epidermis is single layered, but in many plants it has been describe as bi-or multiseriate. In the leaves of India rubber plants(Ficus elastica), banyan tree(Ficus bengalensis), oleander(Nerium spp.), etc., it becomes two to multilayered.

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