what are edible vaccines ?

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Edible vaccines are the vaccines which can be consumed orally. They are developed in transgenic plants. Vaccines in plants are expressed and then these trannsgenic plants are consumed as edible vaccines. Thus, plants such as banana act as a vehicle to deliver vaccines.

The purpose of their production is to overcome some of the limitations of vaccine usage  in developing countries.

 Edible vaccines can lower the cost of vaccine production ,as they do not need refrigeration.

 Research on edible vaccine is under development phase.

 Edible vaccine for Hepatitis B virus (HBV) has been developed.

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Edible vaccines are that can be consumed without fear of adverse effect. These are produced from herbs and natural fats and carbohydrate base.

edible vaccines would be like pills... motrin, tylenol, robitussin, ect... anything that you have to take through your mouth to get over a type of virus or sickness is an edible vaccine...........

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 Vaccines derived from edible plants, Transgenic plants  are used as recombinant protein production system and the edible plant tissue functions as an oral vaccine.


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