The spores that are of same size are called homospores and the spores that are of different size are known as heterospores.

The homosporous plants are the plants that produce spores of one kind only that are not differentiated by sex such as horsetails and most ferns. These spores then grow into bisexual gametophytes (producing both male and female gametes).

The heterosporous plants are the plants that produce spores of two different sizes and sexes, the male microspore and the female megaspore, which develop into separate male and female gametophytes.  For example, all gymnosperms and angiosperms.

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did you mean homosporous and heterosporous?

the plants which produce only 1 type of spores are called homosporous plants eg.bryophyta  and the plants which produce 2 types of spores eg.microspores and megaspores are called heterosporous plants

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