What are metallic conductors and electrolytic conductors?plz give examples also

Metallic conductors are metals which conduct electricity due to flow of electrons.It involves only physical changes and the conductivity decreases with increase in temperature.Example: copper, silver etc.


Electrolytic conductors are electrolytes which conduct electricity due to flow of ions..It involves physical as well as chemical changes and the conductivity increases with increase in temperature.Example: aqueous solution of NaCl, CaCl2, HNO3 etc.


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Conductors are either metallic or electrolytic conductors.

  • In metals, free electrons carry electricity. so the are also known as electronic conductors.
  • In electrolytes, ions carry electricity. so, ionic conductors.
  • Metallic conduction decreases with increase in temp.
  • Elec. conduction increases with increase in temp.
  • metallic conduction is possible in solid state. 
  • electrolytic conduction is possible in fused or molten state.
  • Metallic conduction do not involve transfer of matter while electrolytic conductors do.
  • Metals decompose when electricity is passed, it depends on nature and structure of materials.
  • Elec. conduction depends on viscosity of solvent, conc. of electrolytes, size of ions in the medium &extend of solvation 
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