What are natural causes and man-made causes of deforestation? List minimum-5, maximum-8 for each. Answer fast it's urgent.

Natural causes of deforestation-
1. Forest fires which destroys the natural vegetation.
2. Floods.
3. Climatic changes.
4. Introduction of exotic animals.
5. If drought occurs plants will not be able to survive due to water scarcity.
Man-made causes of deforestation-
1. Pollution is one of the reason for deforestation.
2. Destruction of plants for construction of houses, buildings, industries etc.
3. Poor water logging practises during agriculture.
4. Spread of agriculture.
5. Global warming is also one of the reason for deforestation.


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natural causes: droughts, floods, climatic change, forest fires, exotic animals

man made causes: high population, land for agriculture, commercial purpose, industrial purpose, construction.

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