What are reserved constituency ? Why are they necessary ?

The Indian Constitution provides for a special system of reserved constituencies for the weaker sections of the society.

Some constituencies are reserved for people who belong to the Scheduled Castes [SC] and Scheduled Tribes [ST]. In a SC reserved constituency only someone who belongs to the Scheduled Castes can stand for election. Similarly only those belonging to the Scheduled Tribes can contest an election from a constituency reserved for ST. The reserved constituencies help the weaker section to come forward and fight elections, thus guaranteeing the right to equality.

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 Reserved  constituencies  are  those  constituencies  which  are  reserved  for  the  people  belonging  to  SC  and  ST.  This  allows  these  mentioned  castes  to  come  to  the  forefront  and  enjoy  equal  rights  as  the  General  category.

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