what are rights? why do we need rights?

Rights are the basic claims of the people for their well being and all round development.

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Rights are those essential conditions of life without which no man can lead a full, happy and purposeful life.


Rights are reasonable claims of persons recognized by the society sanctioned by the law. *)(*

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Rights are reasonable claims of persons over other fellow beings over the society, and over the government.

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1. Fundamental rights provide the conditions which are necessary for the deve;opment of the inherent qualities in man and to secure his all round growth.

2. these are necessary to preserve human dignity and promote social progress in an atmosphere of freedom.

3. these provide civil liberties, without which democracy can 't be conceived.

4. These are a significant check on the artitrary use of power by the govt.

5. Rights protect the minorities from the opression of majority.

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yes @preateek is right.... i will also follow this answer only

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