What are secreted inside the stomach

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Stomach produce and secrete many important substance to control and help in digestion. These substances include gastric juices, mucus and digestive enzymes and hormones.

Mucus is secreted by mucous cell. It provides coating to the inner lining of stomach which protects the stomach from strong acidic action of hydrochloric acid .

Hydrochloric acid- It is secreted by parietal cells present in gastric pits. It maintains the pH of stomach and by the action of this hormone pepsinogen is converted to its active form pepsin which aid in the digestion of protein by breaking it into its simpler units like amino acids and peptides
Besides,  it kills the micro organism that comes into our stomach along with our food.

Intrinsic factor- It is secreted by parietal cells. It's a glycoprotein and helps in the absorption of vitamin B12

Pepsinogen-  It is secreted by chief cells. It is the inactive form of protein digesting enzyme pepsin. By the action of hydrochloric acid it is converted to pepsin ,which aids in the digestion of protein.​

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​The ​liver secretes bile​ which helps to break the fat into fatty acids.
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in stomach digestive bile juice is secreted which helps in digesting food.
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