what are taxonomic acids? mention somes of the taxonomic aids for identification

The correct term is taxonomical aids.
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Taxonomical studies of varies species of plants, Animals and other organism are useful in Agriculture, Forestry, Industry and in general in knowing our biological resource and their diversities such studies required certain information about the organism, the important Taxonomical AIDS which provide information about the organism are:

i) Herbarium: Herbarium is a store house of collected plant specimen that are dried, pressed, and preserved on sheets.Herbarium sheets will provide information about Date and Place of collection, Local names, Botanical names, Family name and the name of the collector. Such Herbarium gives quick information about the taxonomical studies.

ii)Botanical Gardens: Botanical gardens are the specialized gardens have collection of several living plants species and each plant is labeled with its Botanical name, Scientific name and Family name. Such information is very useful and helpful in taxonomical studies.

iii)Museum : Museum is having collection preserved plant species and animal specimens is preserved in jars having preservative solution formalin and also can be preserved dry specimens.

iv) Zoological Parks :These are parks where wild animals kept in protected environment under human care. All animal in Zoo is provided with a condition similar to natural habitat. Such Zoological park become the Centre of taxonomical studies, to study animal behavior and also used for research and breeding.

v)Key : Key is another important taxonomical Aid used for identification of plant and animals based on similarities and dissimilarities. Key based on the contrasting character generally in a pair called couplet. Each statement in the key is called Lead. Separate taxonomical keys are required for each taxonomic categories like Family, Genus, Species for the identification purpose. The other type of key for taxonomic studies are Flora, Manuals, Monographs and Catalogues. These help in correct identification of organism.

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