What are tendril, lamina, petiole, veins, midrib, stomata, flower ,stamen,pistil,phloem, xylem?

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Tendrils - ‚ÄčThese are threadlike structure and are modified stems or the leaves. The tendrils gets interwined around things it touches. Thus, it helps the plants with the weak stems to climb.
Petiole- The stalk that joins a leaf to the stem is called petiole.
Lamina- The green broad part of a leaf of a plant is known as lamina.
Veins - These are the structures  that provide support to the leaf and keep it in shape and they also carry substances in the leaf.
Midrib- ‚ÄčMidrib is the thickest central vein present on the middle of lamina of leaf.
Stomata- These are the openings or pores present in the leaves, which help in exchange of gases.

Due to paucity of time, we cannot provide you with the meaning of each and every word. Kindly ask them in a separate query.


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sorry i don't know??????
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I know only some
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the broad part of the leaf is lamina
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The part of the leaf in which is attached to the stem is petiole
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the lines in the leaf are veins
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the middle vein is midrib
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the innermost part of a flower is the pistil of the flower
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