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what are the advantages of animal husbandry ?

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Animal husbandry

is the science of managing animal livestock. It involves feeding, breeding, and controlling diseases in farm animals. Animal husbandry involves the rearing of animals like cattle, poultry, and fish to obtain desired products from them.

1. Animal husbandry helps us in providing proper feed, proper shelter and protection against diseases to the domestic animals. Thus, animal husbandry helps in proper management of the domestic animals.

2. Animal husbandry helps us in developing high yielding breeds of various domestic animals through cross breeding. Thus, animal husbandry increases the availability of various food products such as milk, eggs and meat, which are obtained from domestic animals.

3. Animal husbandry helps in raising the living standard of farmers. As a result of higher production of animal products, the income of farmers increases.

4. Animal husbandry helps in systematic disposal of animal wastes. Thus, it helps in maintaining healthy environment.

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