What are the advantages of electroplating iron with chromium?


In the process of Electroplating iron with chromium, a thin layer of chromium is deposited on iron. Chromium metal is used because chromium metal is not attacked by the oxygen and water present in air i.e resistant to corrosion and it has shiny appearance. It resists scratches also.

Advantages of electroplating:

1.When an iron object is kept in damp air for a considerable time, then a red-brown substance called’ rust’ is formed on its surface. This Rusting can be prevented by electroplating iron objects with chromium.

2. Chromium plating is done on iron objects like bicycle handle bars , bath taps, wheel rims and car bumpers to protect them from rusting and to give them shiny appearance.

3. If the whole object is made from chromium to use because of its properties then it may not be economical as it is an expensive metal. But if the object is made from cheaper metal like iron and only a coating of chromium over it is deposited then the object can be made economically.

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