what  are  the  advantages  of  synthetic fibre

 Synthetic Fibres: Pros -Easy to wash -Most are resilient -Hydrophobic (hates water) -Nylon and polyester are thermoplastic -Cheap (e.g. Acrylic is a cheaper substitute of wool) -Strong & Hardwearing -Nylon is waterproof when closely woven Cons -High Static -Not Absorbent

Natural Fibres: Pros -Absorbent -Low Static -Wool and Silk are resilient -Wool and Silk are warm to wear -Cotton and Linen are cool to wear -Strong and Stronger when wet Cons -Cotton and Linen crease easily -Cotton: damaged by sunlight and mildew -Silk is very delicate and therefore is quite difficult to wash/dry etc, it scorches easily as well -Some people think wool is itchy -Some people think linen is uncomfortable to wear

If you have a blend of fibres they can cancel each other out.

Depending on what you need the fibre for will depend on which fibre you use.

I hope this helps :) 

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  • a synthetic fibre is a fibre which is made of chemicals. its advantages are it cannot be torn easily. try and you will see for your self
  • a synthetic fibre cannot be burnt easily.
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  •  they have lusture and do not become with age.
  • they are less expensive.
  • they do not shrink on washing.
  • they need little or no ironing.
  • they are easy to clean and dry quickly.
  • theylast longer as compared to natural fibre.
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(1) Synthetic fibres are strong so they can take up heavy loads easily.
(2) They have got high tensile strength, which enables them to carry weights.
(3) They easily retain their original shape, even if they get wrinkled. So they are convenient to wash and wear.
(4) They have great elasticity due to which can be easily streched.
(5) Synthetic fibres are generally soft, so they are used to make variety of clothes and clothing materials.

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  • Synthetic fibers do not depend either on an agricultural crop or on animal farming.
  • They are generally cheaper than natural fiber.
  • Synthetic fibers possess unique characteristics which make them popular dress material.
  • They dry up quickly, are durable, readily available and easy to maintain.
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they do not become lurture
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they are durable
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It is strong, does not wrinkles and dries easily. These fabrics have lesser air spaces within them. So they do not absorb sweat and are unsuitable for use in hot and humid climate.
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 it i s  made quickly
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dont know
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Hi, the ans of your ques is :-
Advantages.... 1- They do not shrink. 2- They are quick drying and need very little or no ironing. 3- They last longer as compared the?fabrics?made from naturalfibres.?
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