What are the benefits of e business

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1.Easy to form and lower investment required-it is very easy to start e-business.The benefits of internet technology are that with little investment and more contacts;one can do better in the business

2.Convenience-with the help of E- business, shopping can be done easily.it enables the costumers to shop 24X7.

3. Speed-information moves very fast through internet which speeds up the process of buying &selling.

4.global reach-there is no limitation of geographical area,the goods can be traded to the whole world,where there is access to internet.

5.Cost saving

6. Movement towards a paperless society-use of internet has reduced the dependance on paper work.Many companies have started electric forms instead of paper forms.nowadays people can fill income tax returns online,apply for passport etc.
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Hello, there are many benefits of e-business: 1.worldwide reach 2.shortening in supply chain 3.easy to launch new products 4.saving of time 5.less risk in payment
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e-business is now a days growing very fast and normal shopkeepers are also taking part in these type of activities.
Some benefits are as given below:
  • It expands the reach of small shopkeeper to the whole nation and world wide.
  • it reduces the time taken in selling of products and hence enhancing and hence boosting the sale of the small shopkeepers.
  • It reduces the cost of putting up a shop or store and wasting money in showcasing the product to be sold..
  • pushes the society towards a paperless society.
  • Information about the product such as order tracking, fasst delivery options available nowadays...
  • reduces the risk of payment as net banking are nowadays supported by the bank. Frauds have been minimised toa great extent..

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