What are the career option in physical edocation?

The first and the oldest career option in physical education is also the most interesting one. It is the job of working as a physical education teacher in various educational institutes. This is one job area which has grown by leaps and bounds with physical education being made a compulsory subject in school curriculum. In addition to schools; physical education is now seriously taken at college and university level as well. This is the reason why a professional qualification in physical education is a sure shot way to get into a well paying and satisfying career in educational institutes. A physical education and health degree prepares students for a career of general exercise trainer in various institutes. He can also work as a private trainer to people. 
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there are lots of option in the feild of physical education they are as follows
to become a sports teacher
a good coach 
a good trainer n many more
refer to the physical education book chapter no 1
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if you have chosen physical education as your subject , then you have many career options like- sports teacher in a school, you can generate health awareness camps, can become player in the sport you like or later can join a training institute and also can be a trainer or coach for a team maybe the coach of some Indian international teams.
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jhm gehgu gh
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many like health careers, adminstration, and sports journalism and etc
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