What are the demerits of political competition?define briefly

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Well there are so many demerits of political competition. The demerits are as follows :-

  1. In the race of winning competition, political parties often use to use muscle power in order to win the competition. And in this race the common people gets trouble.
  2. In order to win competition, political leadrers often use to select their candidates on regional lines.
  3. Parties in the aspiration of winning competition usually use to give high hopes or promises to the voters which after winning competition becomes lukewarm.
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  • It creates disunity and factionalism

  • Candidates often use dirty tricks to discredit their opponents and win elections

  • Long term policies may become a casualty of electoral politics

  • Money power is often a crucial determinant of results in elections and smaller and independent candidates may not have sufficient resources to compete with big parties on equal terms

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