What are the difference between plant cell and animal cell?

Both?plant?and?animal cells?are eukaryotic, so they contain membrane-bound organelles like the nucleus and mitochondria. However,?plant cells?and?animal cells?do not look exactly the same or have all?of the?same organelles, since they each have different needs. ... Diagram?of an animal cell?with components lettered.
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Plant cell is living and animal cell is non living
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The Plant Cells are usually larger, which has fixed and rectangular shape, while animal cells are comparatively smaller in size, irregular and round. The nucleus is present in both the cells, but in Plant cell it lies on one side while it is present in the center of the Animal cell.
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PLANT CELL:- 1] Plant cell are larger in size with outer boundaries.
2] Cell wall is present .
3] Plastids are present .
4] Centrosomes are absent .
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plant cell-cell wall is present
large vacoules
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