What are the differences between concave and convex lens?

Convex lenses are thicker in the middle than at the edges. They refract toward the center. Only people have convex lenses. Concave lenses are used in telescopes and glasses. Concave lenses are thinner in the middle than at the edges. When light passes through concave lenses always bend away from each other toward the edges of the lens.

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Concave lens always form the virtual and erect image and the image is always diminished. While convex lens forms real image as well as virtual image . It forms both enlarged image and the diminished image. 

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Concave lens are converging lens.They are used to correct shortsightedness.

Convex lens are diverging lens.They are used to correct longsightedness.

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A concave lens is thinnest in its middle (the point where the line between the two focal points intersects the lens (at right angles to the plane of the lens).

A convex lens is thickest in its middle.

A convexo-concave lens is concave on one side and convex on the other. Virtually all spectacle (eye glasses) lenses are like this. Whether the particular lens is convex or concave is answered by the thickness at it middle compared with elsewhere on the lens.

You can also consider all the combos: single (the other side is flat), double convex and concave.

Then, if you really wanted to know some of the PROPERTIES of these lenses, then you get a number characteristic differences - let us now, and someone will elaborate

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Concave lenses reflect light rays outwards. The image through a concave lens will always be right side up.
Convex lenses, on the other hand, refract light rays in toward a central point.A convex lens bends inwards and a concave lens bends outwardsConvex lens forms both real & virtual image, while concave lens always forms virtual image.
Convex lens magnifies the image,while concave lens diminish the image.The concave lens always refract 's outward 's

The convex lens always refract 's light in toward 's the center point Convex like a earth
concave is opposite earth..... hope it helps....... thumbs up plzz.....

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1. A convex lens produces real as well as virtual image. A concave lens always produces a virtual image. 2. A convex lens converges any incident beam on it. A concave lens diverges any incident beam on it. 3. Focal length of a convex lens is positive. Focal length of a concave lens is negative. 4. When a convex lens is moved sideways, then the image moves in the same direction as that of lens. When a concave lens is moved sideways, then the image moves in opposite direction to that of lens.

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The differences between real and virtual images are,

Real imageVirtual image
1. The image can be captured in a screen.1. The image cannot be captured in a screen.
2. The image is always inverted.2. The image is always erect.
3. Light rays actually meet to form a real image.3. Light rays do not actually meet to form a virtual image.


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sorry its a answer on The differences between real and virtual images

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Concave-image formed is large . nature of image is erect and virtual.position of object at infinity.convex- image formed is real and inverted.
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Convex lenses?are thicker at the middle. ... Rays of light that pass through the?lens?are spread out (they diverge). A?concave lens?is a diverginglens. When parallel rays of light pass through a?concave lens?the refracted rays diverge so that they appear to come from one point called the principal focus.
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A. It is thicker at edges and thinner at middle.
B. It diverges Rays of light
C. It always forms virtual and erect image.
D. It forms diminished image.

Convex lens:
A. It is thicker in the middle and thinner at sides.
B. It converges the rays of light
C. It generally forms real and inverted image.
D. It forms magnified image.

Note- Point D is true only when the object is placed between the focus and the centre of the lens and will form virtual and erect image only.
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