What are the differences between trichomes and root hairs?

Trichomes are multicellular stem hairs, whereas root hairs are unicellular epidermal outgrowths, present on the roots. 
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Difference between trichomes and root hair
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Five difference between root hairs and trichomes
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Stem Hairs:

1. They are generally multicellular.

2. Stem hairs are additional cells. They do not arise as outgrowths of the epidermal cells.

3. They may be branched or un-branched.

4. They are spread all over the stem.

5. Stem hairs are heavily cutinized.

6. They are long-lived.

7. Stem hairs prevent or reduce the rate of transpiration.

Root Hairs:

1. Root hairs are unicellular.

2. Root hairs are tubular outgrowths of epiblema cells.

3. Root hair are always un-branched.

4. They are found in clusters in young roots near their tips. It is known as root hair zone.

5. Root hairs are not cutinised.

6. They are short lived.

7. Root hairs take part in absorption of water from the soil.
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trichomes are the multicellular out growth of stem
root hairs are unicellular out growth of roots
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