What are the different kinds of adjectives?

The different kinds of Adjectives are:


  • Adjectives of Quality-

Such adjectives answer the question ‘of what kind?’

  • Adjectives of Quantity-

Such adjectives answer the question ‘how much?’

  • Adjectives of Number-

Such adjectives answer the question ‘how many?’ or ‘in what order?’

  • Possessive Adjectives-

Such adjectives modify the noun by attributing possession or characteristic feature to it.

  • Demonstrative Adjectives-

These adjectives answer the question ‘which?’

  • Interrogative Adjectives-

When ‘what’, ‘which’ and ‘whose’ are used with some noun to ask a question, they are called interrogative adjectives.


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Types of Adjectives

Following are the kinds of adjectives which are commonly used:

  1. Adjectives of Quality:

    • Adjectives of Quality answer the question ‘Of what kind’

    • Examples : Large, Small, Intelligent, Beautiful

  2. Adjectives of Quantity:

    • Adjectives of Quantity answer the question ‘How much’

    • Examples : Some, Little, Any, Enough 

  3. Adjectives of Number:

    • Adjectives of Number answer the question ‘How many’

    • Examples : Two, Seven, Second, Third 

  4. Demonstrative Adjectives:

    • Demonstrative Adjectives answer the question ‘Which’

    • Examples : This, That, These, Those 

  5. Interrogative Adjectives:

    • Interrogative Adjectives are used to ask questions about a noun.

    • Examples : What, Which, Whose

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Adjectives of Quality : large , small , beautiful , intelligent

Adjectives of Quantity : some , little , enough , any

Adjectives of Number : third , ten , first , twenty 

Demonstrative Adjectives : this , that , these , those

Interrogative Adjectives : what , which , whose

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