What are the different reasons for poverty in India

Dear student, Poverty is the state or condition when a person is not capable of fulfilling his / her basic needs such as Clothing , sheltering , food and so on. It is the state when one lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions. Causes of Poverty are - 1) No access to education. 2) Involvement in criminal activities 3) Drugs and alcohol abuse. 4) Sexual abuse and exploitation faced by them. 5) No access to healthcare and sanitation facilities. 6) Children starts working at tender age due to poverty. 7) High rate of population growth. 8) Low rate of economic development. 9) Increase in unemployment particularly in rural area. 10) Concentration of power in hands of upper class of the society. 11) Inequalities of income and wealth, is making rich richer and poor poorer. Regards

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