What Are the Different Types of Conditional Sentences? There are four different types of conditional sentences in English. Each expresses a different degree of probability that a situation will occur or would have occurred under certain circumstances.

Zero Conditional Sentences

First Conditional Sentences

Second Conditional Sentences

Third Conditional Sentences
Based on the above topic pls clarify my doubts
Make a sentence using the appropriate conditional for each of the sentences given below.(If conditional....)
1.Mohan's mother is worried that Mohan might hurt himself if he goes rock climbing.
2. MR.Ansari, the Chemistry teacher wants to explain to the children the metal objects expand when they are heated.
3.Ankita is feeling regretful that she did not join the fashion industry because if she she would have been working in Paris now.
4.Deepak is telling his best friend that te would buy a Ferrari if he had a lot of money.
5.Grandpa warns Neha not to open the bird cage because he is worried the birds might fly away.
Before posting the sentences I have posted the topic on which the sentences have to be transformed. Hope my doubts are cleared this time.
Topic is if conditional sentences

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