What are the different types of motion with examples?

give certain examples in which there are two type of motion are used?

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Motion can be broadly classified into three major types 1. Translatory or linear motion 2. Rotational Motion

Translatory motion is a motion of a particle in straight line. Like bus travelling in straight road etc.

Rotational motion refers to the motion of a body around a fixed axis. Like motion of a top, rotation of earth etc.

But combination of translatory and rotatory motion can also be there. This is called general motion of a body. For example motion of bicycle on a straight road. While the wheel of the bicycle is rotating but the bicycle is moving in straight line.

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1) Rectilinear

2) Periodic/ Oscillatory

3) Circular

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4 situation showing more than one motionat a time

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 periodic motion,non periodic motion,linear motion ,non linear motion,rotation motion,revlution motion,oscllary motion and circular motion. there are 9 types of motion

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 periodic motion-examples:

the movement of pendulm in a clock,the movement of  wiper in vehicels

non periodic motion-examples:

the movement of butterfly,the boy going to school

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 Classification of motion:

The motion of objects can be classified depending on the way they move.  the  types of motion are :-

i) Rectilinear motion:

An object is said to have rectilinear motion if it moves from one point to another in a straight line.

eg :- very common example of rectilinear motion is the motion of a moving car on a straight road.

ii)Circular motion:

An object is said to possess circular motion if it moves from one point to another in such a way that its distance from a fixed point always remains constant.

 example of this type of motion is the movement of the blades of a fan. During their motion, the blades move from one point to another, but the distance between them and the head of the fan remains the same.

List some object

iii)Periodic motion:

An object is said to possess periodic motion if it moves in such a way that it repeats its motion after a certain interval of time.

Other examples of periodic motion are the motion of a swing, the motion of a guitar string, the motion of the head of a drum, etc.

iv) Rotational motion:

An object is said to possess rotational motion if it whirls around a fixed axis that passes through it.

. Hence, a clock’s hands have rotational motion.



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