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Bhargavi Parthasarathy , asked a question
Subject: Science , asked on 28/7/13

What are the disadvantages and advantages of nuclear energy


Rahul , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 1/8/13

Advantages of nuclear energy:

  1. Nuclear energy can be used to generate million times more electrical energy than any hydroelectric plant or from wind energy.
  2. Use of nuclear energy doesn’t produce greenhouse gases.
  3. No emission of poisonous gases takes place in the use of nuclear energy.
  4. Very small amount of nuclear fuel is required to produce large amount of energy


Disadvantages of nuclear energy:

  1. Construction of nuclear power plants needs huge investments

  2. Radioactive wastes such as used uranium are a dangerous hazard to the environment

  3. Nuclear energy can be used for negative purposes. Therefore, there is always a fear of misuse

  4. There is always a danger of leakage of radioactive material and radiations from nuclear power plants

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Rosy , added an answer, on 28/7/13
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it produces more energy as compared to wood

it is ecofriendly

does not cause global warming


The main disadvantage of fusion is that no scientists have been able to contain a fusion reaction long enough for there to be a net energy gain, but nuclear fission is already producing 11% of the worlds energy needs.

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Manav Patel , added an answer, on 28/7/13
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Refer to this link


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