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Shubham , asked a question
Subject: Social Science , asked on 16/10/14


Ankit , added an answer, on 16/10/14
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  1. Often, parties resort to divisive and partisan politics to win elections and cause divisions in Society.
  2. In India, parties and candidates resort to vote buying by gifting poor voters and diluting democracy.
  3. Often huge sums are spent by parties on marketing by bypassing Election Commission guidelines and regional parties do not take a pan national stand on issues, due to which voters are left with very little choice.
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Rugma Sriram , added an answer, on 16/10/14
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Disadvantage: Allows Regional Candidates

In a direct popular election, a candidate could theoretically win without having broad support throughout the country. For example, if a candidate was very popular in New York City, Los Angeles and other large cities, she might not need to earn votes from other areas of the country. Electing a president who did not have broad regional support could lead to a fractured and less cohesive country, according to the Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections.

Disadvantage: Creates Logistical Challenges

According to the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School, some proponents of the Electoral College argue that it isolates election problems, such as illegally extended voting hours or irregularly high voter turnout. In a closely contested direct popular election, every precinct across the country might require close examination, rather than a handful of states or precincts.

Disadvantage: Polarizes the Political System

The electoral college encourages a two-party system and rewards candidates who have broad appeal. A direct popular election would make it more possible for third-party candidates to succeed and would also encourage political parties to become more radical and extreme. Although many supporters of the electoral college argue that a two-party political system is more stable, some critics counter that having more than two parties would give Americans more choice.

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Sayali Taralkar , added an answer, on 29/12/09
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