What are the economic Importance of Gymnosperms & Angiosperms?

Economic importance of gymnosperms:

  • Woods are obtained from gymnosperms like pine, cedar etc.
  • Conifers are the major source of resin production.
  • Turpentine is also collected from gymnosperms with is used for the production of soap and paint.
  • It acts as fire wood in winter.
  • Christmas tree is a gymnosperm which is essential during Christmas.
  • It acts as ornamental plant.


Economic importance of Angiosperms:

  • It provides food in form of fruits and seeds.
  • We get several types of medicines from these plants.
  • Trees like Teak, Sal etc. provide woods for making paper, furniture and houses.
  • Fibers are obtained from the plants like cotton, jute etc. for making clothes and bags.
  • Flowers are used for decoration and also in religious purposes.
  • The leaves are also used for covering the roofs of thatched houses.


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