What are the effects of water pollution?

The addition of various pollutant to water affects life. Following are the effects of water pollution

1) Sewage water may contain harmful bacteria, which cause diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, etc.

2) When chemicals (excess of fertilisers and pesticides) enter water bodies, they cause an increase in the growth of algae (this process is called eutrophication). This excess growth covers the surface of water and reduces the amount of oxygen available to the aquatic organisms. Thus water pollution causes significant harm aquatic life. Also, it causes variation in the temperature of water. A change in the water temperature affects aquatic organisms (and their eggs and larvae), which are sensitive to temperature changes.

3) Chemicals such as mercury salts that are released by paper factories are poisonous. Presence of these substances makes water unfit for consumption. These chemicals cause several diseases of the central nervous system, and severe poisoning even results in death. 

4) It adversely effects the quality of ground water by increasing its toxicity. 

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many diseases are spread.....food poisoning,malaria,etc

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