What are the environmental consequences of the increasing element for energy? What steps would

you suggest to reduce energy consumption?

Environmental consequences of increasing demand for energy are as follows:

  • Use of fossil fuels is increasing air pollution which is not good for our health.
  • Air pollution is causing much damage to the ecosystem.
  • Greenhouse effect has resulted in global warming which is manifesting itself in strange changes in the weather pattern around the world.
  • Too much exploitation of fossil fuels is going to create a situation when there would be not fossil fuel.

Steps to reduce energy consumption:

  • Judicious use of energy is the only way.
  • Use public transport instead of private modes of transport.
  • Use bicycle whenever possible.
  • Walk for short distance commute.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of modern gadgets which consume lot of energy.
  • Get a solar water heater installed for winter.

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