What are the factors influencing the formation of identity during adolescence? Support your answer with examples.

The factors influencing the formation of identity during adolescence are as follows:

  • Cultural background: The ideas and opinions of adolescents about the world around them are shaped by their cultural background and the level of their exposure. These determine the norms followed by them and hence, their cultural identity. For example, adolescent behaviour varies among Indian and American cultures.

  • Family and societal values: The values of the society inhabited by an adolescent shape their identity. For example, teenagers in USA are conditioned to a materialistic society in contrast to young adults in Tibet who are more spiritually inclined.

  • Ethnic background: Adolescents distinguish themselves as members of their ethnic group thus framing their own identity. For example, expectations of teenage behaviour and responsibilities vary across different ethnicities and tribes.

  • Socio-economic status: The socio-economic background of an adolescent determines the peer group and the extent of their accessibility to popular lifestyle choices that determine identity. For example, accessibility to expensive gadgets and branded clothing that are popular among teenagers are determined by their socio-economic background.

  • Vocational commitment: Adolescents begin to think of their career as a component of their identity. For example, adolescents choose whether to study science or commerce.

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