what are the figures of speech im poem wind?????

The most common figure of speech in Subramania Bharati's "Wind" is Anaphora. The repetition of the word "don't" in the first three lines of the poem is an example of Anaphora. Another figure of speech that can be found lies in the method in which the poem has been written. There is a sense of continuous movement. The poet describes the actions of the wind in a vibrant manner. Hence, Ekphrasis is another figure of speech, common to poetry, that can be applied here. Finally, the entire poem is a Metaphor, because it ends on a note of application to humanity to stand against all ravages natural or man-made. She asks the reader to be firm of heart, steadfast and it is an appeal to humanity as a whole. Thus, on the final few lines of the poem the figure of speech, Metaphor can be used. 

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