What are the function of the tongue ??

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The functions of the tongue are as follows:

1) To taste the food: The tongue is a muscular structure which has a large number of different types of papillae and taste buds on its surface. These taste buds help in recognising and identifying the different types of tastes present in the food like salty, bitter, sour and sweet.

2)Swallowing of food: The tongue forms a very important part of the digestive tract which helps in swallowing the food by mixing the food with the saliva secreted by the salivary glands in the mouth. The saliva breaks down the starch present in the food into simple sugars. Thus, tongue helps in mixing the food with the saliva.

3)Speech: The tongue with its movements help us to speak or talk.

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The main function toung is to taste the food It help us to speak properly
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