What are the laws and customs of Lilliput ? What is Gulliver's opinion of them in relation to that of his own country ?

Gulliver had described the general customs and practices of Lilliput in detail. He said that the Lilliputians were well educated, but their writing system was odd. They neither wrote left to right like the Europeans nor top to bottom like the Chinese but from one corner of the page to the other. They buried the dead with their heads pointing directly downward because they believed that eventually the dead would rise again and that the Earth would turn upside down. Another law of Lilliput was that anyone who falsely accused someone else of a crime against the state was put to death. The Lilliputians also believed that deceit was worse than theft.  There were also some laws regarding children. They were not raised by individual parents but by the kingdom as a whole. They were sent to live in schools at a very young age. The schools were chosen according to the station of their parents. There were no beggars at all, since the poor were well looked after.

Gulliver shared that in his country criminal justice system was totally based on punishment, a person who committed a crime was thrown in jail, but in Lilliput, there was a balance of punishment and reward.

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