What are the lessons the governments of south states should learn from current drought situation ? if somehow all excess water from Cherapunji and Mawsynram could be transported to drought affected areas of India , would drought problem be solved ??

Dear Student,

a. Drought like situation in Southern part of the country is certainly an eye opener for the government authorities. 
b. It calls for effective action on part of the government and take appropriate counter measures to avert the disaster
c. It calls for building proper storage facilities, systems and reservoir to meet water needs
d. It also calls for effective management of sound groundwater resources
e. Government has not been able to effectively channelise water resources, it is true it would bean effective method to use excess water from regions receiving heavy rainfall to drought effected regions
f. It requires investment, proper management of water resources
g.  Diverting water would help in mitigating effect of drought if not totally averting the situation


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