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what are the limitations of rutherford's nuclear model of atom ? explain in points.


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Andaleeb Zahra , added an answer, on 6/11/14
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The limitations are:

It could not explain the stability of atoms. If rutherford 's suggestions are true then the electrons should continuously radiate energy and finally fall into the nucleus leading to an unstable atom. It does not explain the distribution of electrons around the nucleus and does not tell us anything about their energies.

Moreover, observed spectra of different elements could not be explained by this model.

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praveshsandolia... , added an answer, on 10/5/11

what are the limitation of rutherford's nuclear model of an atom?explain in points.

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Princess Angelina , added an answer, on 27/7/12
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 rutherford's model was compared with the solar system in which planets revolve around the sun in fixed circular paths.....but there is an important difference between the two .firstly whereas the electron and the nuclei are the microscopic particles,sun and planets were big bodies and hence newtonian law of motion do not apply to the motion of microscopic particles..(there is a separate branch called quantum mechanics for microscopic particles)
secondly sun and planets do not carry any charge like electrons and nuclei
according to Maxwell's electromagnetic theory whenever a charged particle like electron is revolving in a field of force like that of nucleus it losses energy continuously in the form of radiations...because when a particle is revolving it undergoes acceleration due to change in direction even if the speed remains constant..thus the orbit of the revolving electron will keep on becoming smaller and smaller following a spiral path and ultimately the electron will fall into the nucleus (calculations show that it will take 10^-8 second to spiral into nucleus)...in other words atom should collapse...however this does not happen and the atom is quite stable thus rutherford model could not explain the stability of atom..........

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