what are the literary devices used in the chapter- THE TIGER KING by  KALKI?

the tiger king chapter belongs to the VISTAS BOOK OF ENGLISH..NCERT...CLASS 12.

I would be pleased if you would suggest me some of the literary devices used in this chapter.

The important literary device used in the chapter is that of dramatic irony. Dramatic irony means that the audience or reader is aware of something important, of which the characters in the story are not aware. 

Challenging death on the basis of prediction by astrologers is as good as a wasted effort. Even after the monumental task of killing ninety-nine tigers, the hundredth tiger escaped being shot by the king’s gun. Unaware of this, he dies merely because of a “tiny little wooden tiger” and not by any ferocious living creature like tiger. Thus, the dramatic irony surfaces strongly at the end of the story when the readers realise what the king never does.



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