what are the literary devices used in the poem "snake" by d.h. lawrence???


@Priyansi, your friend Amrit has very well pointed out various literary devices used in the poem 'The Snake'. It is recommended that you go through the poem thoroughly and find instances of the same from the poem. A few of them are:

  • Simile: “I, like a second comer, waiting,” “looked around like a God.”

  • Alliteration: “Must wait, must stand and wait,” “and slowly, very slowly.”

  • Onomatopoeia: 'clatter', etc.

@Amrit, very nice effort of helping! Keep it up! Thumbs up from Meritnation on your commendable effort!

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 alliteration,sibilance and onomatopoeia

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with examples please......

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 alliteration- it is the repetition of sound in words 

sibilance-this contains words that have hissing sound as s,sh,th,ch etc

onomatopoeia-as buzz,crash,whirr etc

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hey i mean examples from the poem !

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mam  plz also help me with my ques .. ~ !  ASAP .. ! its really confusing .?!?

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