what are the main 10 disadvantages of pollution

The main disadvantages of pollution:
Air pollution:
1) Causes respiratory diseases.
2) Ozone layer is affected and it will cause serious disturbances on the environment.
3) Dust and smoke make germs spread faster
Water pollution:
1) It affects the plants and organisms living in these bodies of water
2) People can get diseases such as hepatitis by eating seafood that has been poisoned. In many poor nations, there is always outbreak of cholera and diseases as a result of poor drinking water treatment from contaminated waters.
3) Disruption of food chain
Soil pollution:
1) Destruction of earth's surface.
2) Landfills breed rodents like rats, mice and insects, who in-turntransmit diseases.
3)Cause problems in the human respiratory system, skin and may lead to different kinds of cancer
4) Dump sites and landfills may cause very bad smell and odour in the town.
Noise pollution
1) Impairment of hearing.
2) Prolonged exposure will damage eardrum, which may result in loss of hearing power.
3) Headache, stress and decrease in work efficiency.

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