what are the majer events in the novel canterville ghosts?

Oscar Wilde's "The Canterville Ghost" is wrought with events. It begins with the arrival of the Otis family and the weather suddenly becoming oppressive. The family encounters a bloodstain on the living room carpet, which is supposed to be three hundred years old. The first encounter that the family has with the Ghost is when Mr. Otis comes across the scepter walking across the corridor in chains. Unperturbed by the dreadful appearance of the Ghost, Mr. Otis offers him "Tammany Rising Sun Lubricator" to reduce the clanking of the chains. The second confrontation that the family has is when the Ghost fails to wear the armor and injures himself, while doing so. Mr. Otis tries to frighten the Ghost with his gun and the twins shoot at him with their peas-shooters. The Ghost then tries to frighten Mrs. Otis with a blood curdling scream, only to be offered "Dr. Dobell's tincture" for his indigestion. The second most important event in the story is when the Ghost comes across the false scepter made by the twins. Finally, the story ends with Miss Virginia entering the hidden chamber behind the "Tapestry. Room" to pray for the Ghost. The Ghost finally finds peace and is laid to rest

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